17.10. 2022–27.11. 2022
ul. Jatki 3-6, Wrocław


17.10. 2022–27.11. 2022
ul. Jatki 3-6, Wrocław

In the "Morph" exhibition, I wanted to show two different approaches to work with glass. When creating animal sculptures, I have full control over the process: I model the shapes and manage the result.
The rabbits called Tailtales remind me anthropomorphic creatures who are about to speak; they clearly have something to say. They are shaped by memories, stories heard in childhood.
They are colourful – all the colours in one animal – it expresses the endless potential of childhood.
The second series of my presented works are cocoons, called "Metamorphosis". The method of making them is different such that the glass is no longer under my control. I give the glass and gravity free will and only at the end I control the process to finish the work. It's good meditative practice; it gives the ability to be free and allows changes that are out of total control.
My works are based on a dialogue with glass. I make them by my own working with hot glass. The material itself and the techniques used are always at the centre of my attention. Often ideas come to me in the process of making artworks.
The works presented at the BB Gallery as part of the European Glass Festival are united by the theme of growing up, of becoming a human being from thepotential of the child, a narrative, a life story. In the case of the "Metamorphosis" series, it is the ability to accept it all as it is and as an important step in growing up – the loss of control over situations.
"Morph", a play on words between anthropomorphism and metamorphosis, correctly describes the idea of my exhibition.


Graduated from the Glass Department at the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA), Tallinn, Estonia, 2015.
Participated in over 30 group exhibitions in Estonia, Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Russia, and Sweden.
Since 2020, besides creating art, she has been working as a designer and glassblower at Stockholms Glasbruk, Sweden.