For sale

„For sale" – Marcin Tymiński
ul. Skałeczna 5, Kraków – 7.07.2017 – 31.07.2017
Opening: 6.07.2017, 6 pm


„For sale" – Marcin Tymiński

ul. Skałeczna 5, Kraków – 7.07.2017 – 31.07.2017
opening: 6.07.2017, 6 pm

The Legnica SILVER Festival, organised by the ArtGallery in Legnica, is one of the most important and biggest in Europe presentations of contemporary artistic jewellery. Every year artists come to Legnica who create objects not only from precious metal but also other materials, as well as experts and lovers of this art from Poland and all over the world.

In May this year the 38th Legnica SILVER Festival took place.At 26 exhibitions, there were altogether more than 1,800 works by over 500 artists from 50 countries.

The main event of the Festival is the International Gold Medal Competition.The theme of this year's edition was "Identity".

Among the many artistic events organised within the Festival, there is a series of exhibitions entitled "Profiles of Creators".

Two of these exhibitions, "For Sale" by Marcin Tymiński, and "all that will remain to you is what you have previously eliminated" by Arek

Wolski, will be presented at Galeria BB in Kraków at ul. Skałeczna 5.

We thank the Art Gallery in Legnica for making the project available. 

Unique jewellery is extremely rarely presented in Kraków’s galleries. We hope that the Legnica SILVER Festival will become a permanent presence at the BB Gallery.