"Inventory" – Jolanta Wagner
ul. Skałeczna 5, Kraków – 20.12.2016 – 27.01.2017
Opening: 18.12.2016, 4 pm


"Inventory" – Jolanta Wagner 

ul. Skałeczna 5, Kraków – 20.12.2016 – 27.01.2017
Opening: 18.12.2016, 4 pm



Everything that I have been creating for decades forms a great Census in which I record the cities, buildings, furniture, clothing, cosmetics and other items...

The works presented at the exhibition "Inventory" are part of this cycle. The basis for their execution are old technical tracings found on Łódź rubbish dumps, which are marked with designs by local architects and urban planners from many years ago. I cover them with my own drawings, sometimes I cut and glue them, and the whole thing is covered by a layer of wax, which makes the passage of time evident on them.

In spite of common sense, I am attracted to exactly that which is fragile and impermanent, which gives a sense of transience and allows you to enjoy the moment.

Jolanta Wagner

Graduated from the Faculty of Textile and Fashion at the State Art School in Łódź (currently the Strzemiński Academy of Art), 1973.
She has been a lecturer there since 1974, holding a professorial degree since 2002. Since 2012 she has been running the Department of Visual Communication at the Faculty of Industrial and Interior Design.

She has participated in over 50 individual exhibitions in Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Germany, France and the USA. She has also participated in over 300 group exhibitions in Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Japan, Yugoslavia, Finland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Germany, Portugal, Slovakia, the USA, Sweden, Hungary, and Italy.

She has received numerous awards at competitions and exhibitions, including: the Grand Prix in the VI International Biennale Festival of Portrait, Drawings and Graphics, Tuzla, Yugoslavia 1990; the Award of the Mayor for the collection of drawings "Town Plan A" and "Town Plan B" at the II International Drawing Competition Wrocław 2012, 2003; the Honorary Certificate of the Highest Quality at the IV International Biennale of Drawing in Pilsen in the Czech Republic, 2004; award of the Prize of the International Association of Art – Europe in the V International Biennale of Drawing Pilsen 2006, Czech Republic.

Her works are included in Polish and international public and private collections, such as: the Museum of Art in Łódź; the Museum of Textiles in Łódź; the International Portrait Gallery of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina; StädtischeMuseen Schwedt/Oder Stadtmuseum, Schwedt, Germany; the Museum of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław; the Museum of West Bohemia, Pilsen, Czech Republic.

She takes care of several adopted cats. She collects cosmetics containers; she has thousands of them. She uses them for building pyramids which are presented at exhibitions and in public spaces.